Tough Phone Case, Lenny the Lemur, light orange

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Lenny the Lemur has all of the answers. He’s a legend. He once climbed Kilimanjaro on just his two hind legs. He pitched back-to-back no-hitters in his summer softball league back in 2019 when he was just a pup. He scored in the top .1% percentile on his SATs. He babysits on the weekends for extra cash, and then he donates that cash to charity first thing Monday morning. He recycles and composts, often at the very same time.

And now, Lenny has one simple message for the world to hear: WEAR YOUR GODDAMNED MASK.

.: Lexan plastic: developed by General Electric Plastic, this material is extremely strong and impact-resistant
.: Rubber liner and inside plate
.: Lay-flat bezel protects the screen from small scratches
.: UV protection: resists outdoor weathering for long-term optical quality
.: Supports wireless charging

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