7 Super Simple Ways to Practice Empathy Before The Sun Sets

Rather than swarming the luggage carousel at the airport, stand back, allow other passengers to grab their bag, and wait for yours to cycle around.

Defend a stranger against a bully.

Don’t bring your bothersome, crying two-year-old out to dinner with you. Either drop her off with grandma or wait until she is old enough to not be so annoying and vexatious. This is what you signed up for when you made the decision to procreate.


Permit your kid to elect both where to go to college and what to study. Isn’t this their life? And if they’re going to go in a direction that doesn’t happen to precisely align with your vision, shouldn’t they, at this point, be allowed to own that decision?

When your girlfriend gets up to go to the kitchen to put her dirty dishes in the sink, pause the movie until she returns.

If the guy behind you in the grocery line has just two items, let him go ahead of you.