Because if we don't pay it forward, what's the point?

We believe strongly that empathy exists within each of us, in varying capacities, of course, and that it is crucial for each of us to exercise those empathy muscles every day. We do this by intentionally taking the time to consider the alternate perspective, to put ourselves in another’s shoes, to generally just do what we can to be thoughtful and courteous to the world.

Small acts can make a big difference. And those small acts ultimately comprise the person that we become.

And so, in our effort to put our rallying cry to work, we at Practice Empathy™ have committed to donating 10% of our earnings to one of the places where we think our money can have the most powerful effect: to kids in need. We partner with several noteworthy nonprofits around the world, nonprofits that are making a major and critical impact on youth in the developing world, and we closely vet each organization to ensure that the funds they receive are used efficiently. Education; building serviceable bathrooms to replace dilapidated outhouses; better nutrition; teaching English. 

Poverty abounds in many places around the world, and each of us can do our little part to curtail its devastating effects. 

After all, you and I had access to public school education beyond the 6th grade. We have a bountiful harvest of affordable fruits and veggies right down the street at the grocery store.  If you or I lose a sandal, we go to the store and buy another set.

When a sandal is lost in the developing world, a child goes barefoot for a couple of weeks until mom and dad can afford to buy another pair.    

Or, to set this point to images...

When you have to go poop, you go poop here:

When they have to go poop, they go poop here:

That is not okay. 

And so, the world turns. We put our money where it counts. And you get a cool sweatshirt. Everybody wins.

Small steps. Making a big difference. It’s the Practice Empathy™ way.

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